the website and blogs of will rochow

A Brief Biography:
Who is Will Rochow? First and foremost, he is a Christian. He is also a Bible school and seminary graduate who went on to become a Baptist pastor. After having served three Alberta churches, he left the traditional institutional church system behind, and began participating in a non-institutional and more organic form of Christian fellowship. As a result, sometimes Will muses that he is now an "Outlaw Preacher."

One of the more interesting and unique projects that Will has been working on since October 2016 is the creation of a multi-volume hand-written Bible. With the New Testament already complete, Will is currently about a quarter the way through the Old Testament.

Will is also a humorist who loves a good laugh. Puns and one-liners are a common part of his repertoire, a trait that he shares with his father and brothers. Will is a confessed coffee snob, avoiding what he calls the popular cess-pool varieties of pseudo-coffee, and often saying that some things in life are simply non-negotiable. Other interests that occupy Will's time include motorcycling, music, extensive reading, hobby cook, maintaining the blogs hosted on this website, and walking his his dog. In the warmer months, Will can often be found enjoying the outdoors on his deck playing a game of Cribbage or Backgammon with, as he sometimes jokes, his "favourite wife." On one such evening, this picture of Will and Ginny was taken.

Will and Ginny have been married for over thirty five years. They recently became members in that wonderful age-old elitist club: 'Grandparenting.' This in turn allowed them to finally understand that anonymous mantra, "If we had known grandkids could be so much fun, we would have had them first." They are also the proud parents to a 120-pound fur-baby; a rescue dog who, perhaps ironically, rescued them as as much as they rescued her.

Will and Ginny live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

The Publications:
Will is one of the contributors in the multi-authored book, Finding Church, a Civitas Press publication (2012) edited by Jeremy Myers. It is a collection of "Stories of Leaving, Switching, and Reforming;" essentially a collection of personal testimonies of 36 different people in their personal 
spiritual pilgrimages. Will's chapter is entitled "Leaving for Love" and chronicles some of the events that ultimately culminated in his exodus from the traditional institutional church. The point is, everyone of us have a story, and within these pages, are some of ours. Having said that, if you have ever questioned church, this book may be of interest to you.

Along with 23 others, Will is also a contributing author to 
Simple Church: Unity Within Diversity. It is a Redeeming Press publication (2014) edited by Eric Carpenter and with the forward written by Wayne Jacobsen. The main premise behind this book is that too often Christians are known for what they're against rather than what they're for. The Simple Church concept shows that, despite the obvious diversity amongst the followers of Jesus, unity in the Body of Christ can still be had, and must be had. If you have wondered what such unity might look like, then Simple Church may be of interest to you. Herein is what the church looks like to us.

Will is editor of his younger brother's 30-Volume
Know-It-All series. It is a tongue-in-cheek series on such subjects as Theology, History, Justice, Leadership, Poverty and a host of others, and presents a glimpse of the often humorous mindset of Will and his bothers. The author's caveat states, "While there will no doubt be detractors claiming there are omissions, the goal of the publication is to highlight the need for further study ... To that end, the author has left room on each page for taking notes." The double entendre here will become apparent once you peruse a copy of one of the series' books. As the author also says, "You might just be surprised at what you can still learn after you know it all."