the random musings of will rochow
Who is Will Rochow? 
First and foremost, he is a Christian. He is also a Bible school and seminary graduate who went on to become a Baptist pastor. After having served three Alberta churches, he left the traditional institutional church system behind, and began participating in a non-institutional and more organic form of Christian fellowship. As a result, sometimes Will muses that he is now an "Outlaw Preacher."

Will's working career also included many years of food warehousing and trucking industry experience. A later in life decision to return to school once again brought Will to the classroom, but this time to completely change gears and study power engineering. Since then Will has spent the last number of years working in the healthcare system as a facility maintenance and engineering supervisor.

On a personal level, one of the more interesting and unique projects that Will had been working on since October 2016 (Thanksgiving) is the creation of a hand-written Bible. This ten-volume project, Genesis through Revelation, was completed mid-November 2019.

Will is also a humorist who loves a good laugh. Puns and one-liners are a common part of his repertoire, a trait that he shares with his father and brothers. Will is a confessed coffee snob, avoiding what he c
alls the popular cesspool varieties of pseudo-coffee, and often saying that some things in life are simply non-negotiable. Other interests that occupy Will's time include motorcycling, music, extensive reading, hobby cook, maintaining the blogs hosted on this website, and walking his dog. In the warmer months, Will can often be found enjoying the outdoors on his deck playing a game of Cribbage or Backgammon with, as he sometimes jokes, his "favourite wife."

Will an
d Ginny have been married for almost 40 years. They are the parents of one daughter and two sons, though their eldest son died as an infant in the early 1980's. Needless to say, the loss of their firstborn was a hard blow in their early married life. As sad as it was, it may have contributed to strengthening their relationship as husband and wife, not to mention being able to have empathy for others in their difficult circumstances. Recently they became members in that wonderful age-old club: 'Grand-parenting.' This in turn allowed them to finally understand that anonymous mantra, "If we had known grandkids could be so much fun, we would have had them first." They are also the proud parents to a 56-kilo (123-pound) fur-baby; a rescue dog who, perhaps ironically, rescued them as as much as they rescued her.

Will and Ginny live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


Upside Down Church
This is Will's first blog and was originally a private blog that he did not share with the general public. Sometime later one of Will's brothers recommended that he consider making it public, thinking that the musings therein might bless and encourage others who may be going through similar struggles.

Rethinking Faith and Church uses the image of an upside down church. Why? There are two main reasons Will chose that image.

First, it represents Will's wrestling in the faith since leaving the traditional institutional form of Christianity. This was a time in which he came to realize that something was amiss in Christianity as we've come to know it. This was a time in which Will found himself re-evaluating a lot of previously dearly held doctrines; some of which he ultimately discarded, while others he embraced all the more. It was a time when everything seemed upside down in his spiritual life, and a time where he went back to what he believed were the basics of the faith; essentially a de-institutionalizing of the church in his life. Having said that, Will does not seek to dwell on what's wrong with the church, nor is he angry towards it, but rather he seeks to learn to celebrate what's right with it and to encourage others to do likewise.
Secondly, this picture also represents his belief that sometimes it may be necessary to shake us all upside down a bit in order to dislodge us from our inherent lethargy and comfortable pews. This stems from Will's belief that maybe the church n
eeds to "get out there" more than it typically does. Will often muses that perhaps we have all become a little too comfortable in our institutions, forgetting that those who really need the message of the church, will likely never find themselves inside of her walls. Perhaps that is why in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19), Jesus said, "GO." Go where? Go to where the people are. In other words, don't just "GO" to church and wait for them to come to you (as we often tend to do), rather "BE" the church, wherever the people are, and wherever the Spirit of God may lead you. If we really did that, we may be surprised to find out where we end up on Sunday mornings.

Rethinking Faith and Church posts are sometimes satirical, sometimes confrontational, and sometimes (some would say) bordering a little on the heretical; but hopefully they're always done in love. Ultimately they represent Will's renewed spiritual pilgrimage from outside the religious box of institutionalism, through which he would hope that we all might come to think a little deeper for ourselves on the things of the faith, and not just blindly follow the status quo. As Thomas A'Kempis is quoted to have once said, "Habit overcomes habit." Just because we've always been in the habit of doing church a certain way, doesn't mean that way is necessarily right and beyond examination, and thus Rethinking Faith and Church was born. Rethinking Faith and Church is on Facebook.

The Other Side of Will 

This is Will's second blog. Why a second blog? In Will's way of thinking, there is a logical reason.

There's an interesting passage in the Bible attributed to Solomon that says, "There is a time for everything ... [including] a time to laugh" (Ecclesiastes 3: 1,4). So, just as Dr. Jekyll had a Mr. Hyde, so too Will's rather eclectic personality includes an other side, a side that includes plenty of laughter and jokes. It is a side that he often calls his "twisted sense of humour." Since these other interests do not always lend themselves well to the overall theme of his other blog, Will decided to create this blog. Essentially The Other Side of Will is a menagerie of all non-faith related topics that interest him. It is primarily about enjoying life and, other than a few exceptions here and there, is generally not to be taken too seriously, as depicted by the picture above.

The source of this photo is unknown to Will, and he takes no credit for it. However, that's not to say that it doesn't have a "Will Story" attached to it. There was a time in Will's professional career in which he provided non-ambulatory transportation, mostly to wheelchair-bound seniors. When Will discovered this picture he sent it as an email attachment to his superiors stating that he had to take his vehicle out of commission for a few days for maintenance and servicing. He then mentioned that he made some alternate transportation arrangements for the interim. For the most part, the humour was well received, though there were some questionable glances.
However, such is the nature of humour; not everyone will appreciate our jokes. One man's humour could potentially be another man's sacrilege, and Will tries to be sensitive to that
, purposely not posting content that, while perhaps humorous in his views, may cross that line and offend another. After all, if we have deliberately offended, then we probably have also not acted with love and respect, and that would be unfortunate. Having said that, it is often a fine line; Will does not believe that freedom of speech should be silenced and censored, simply based on the dictates of some.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying" (Andy Dufresne, 'Shawshank Redemption'). What a classic line! Having said that, there is more to The Other Side of Will  than just humour. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful things in the world that interest or amuse Will which he blogs about here. Things such as his foodie experimentscraft beer discoveries, and motorcycling adventures. One such bucket list adventure was when, with friends Barny and Tim (plus an estimated 600,000+ other bikers), Will took in the Sturgis Rally in August 2009. They were even featured on How cool is that? There is even a more serious side that sneaks out as in a mini-series of posts Will shares a few lessons he learned in becoming a new grandfather for the first time. Mostly, The Other Side of Will is about life; Will's life, lived Will's way. The bottom line is best summed up in one of Will's favourite mantras: "Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life." The Other Side of Will is on Facebook.