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Favourite Links

Christian Community

The blog of my friend Eric Carpenter.

Church Multiplication Associates.

The blog of my friend Neil Cole.

The blog of my friend Bobby Auner.

Freedom Biker Church
A church geared specifically to bikers.
The late David Wilkerson's website.

Networking house churches.

Wayne Jacobsen's website.

Rob Ross' website.

The website of author Frank Viola.

The blog of my friend Gene Anderson.

A social media network of simple & organic churches.

The blog of my friend Keith Giles.

The Assembling of the Church
The blog of my friend Alan Knox.

The blog of my friend Ross Rohde.

Shane Claiborne's website.

The blog of my friend Arthur Sido.

The blog of my friend Jeremy Myers.

Daily Devotionals

My Utmost for His Highest
Oswald Chambers classic devotional.

I've used this system of Bible reading for many years.

A popular devotional from RBC Ministries.

Bible Study Tools

My personal favourite.

Another excellent tool.

Other Links

Andrew is one of my new favourite singer/songwriters.

Digital Face
An inexpensive alternative to costly web presence development.

A blog by Jeff Goins on writing and creativity.

Naked Pastor
Cartoonist David Hayward's website.

Dealing primarily with Christian persecution. 

You Know Funny

A collection of jokes and other humorous content.